Black and Blue Friday

I don’t get the big deal that’s made over Black Friday. I don’t understand the mindset of someone that would camp out in front of a store for a few hours, waiting for it to open at midnight just so they can save a few bucks on stuff they probably wouldn’t buy under normal circumstances. I don’t see how employers can force their employees to come in to work at midnight and pay them no more than usual.

The irony is that all of this happens immediately after Thanksgiving, which is a holiday traditionally dedicated to… well, what it says on the tin. The giving of thanks. It means that little kids in elementary school make lists of all the things they’re thankful for, and write those things around their own hand-turkey. Families get together for a meal that was usually prepared with love (or at least a little liquor) and celebrate one another. The thought of really taking notice of how good life has been to you is on everyone’s mind.

A couple of hours later, people are fighting like savages over whatever little gadget Best Buy or Wal-Mart has told them is both A) necessary to their very survival, and B) fucking $5 off, dude!

Every year it’s the same thing. People line up. Rush in. Shop. Struggle. Fight. Get hurt. Hurt others. Get arrested. Attack. Bite. Tear. Gnash. Save. SAVE.

It brings to mind a line from The Dark Knight

“When the chips are down, these… these civilized people… they’ll eat each other.”

It’s a funny world we live in.

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