Comforting Photograph for Tea Lovers

I was playing around with Instagram and Hipstamatic while waiting on my tea to steep the other night, and I came up with this shot. I think it’s very simple but very comforting at the same time. I’ve had so much Lady Grey that I can practically taste it just by looking at this picture!

Twinings, You Are My Friend.

Old Twinings Shop on The Strand, London

Good things come from here.

This week I got a Twinings tea chest. It’s probably one of my favorite things now, despite the fact that it only does one thing, which is hold tea. It’s not the most interactive of devices, but it’s very glossy, so I like it. One of the most interesting things about it is that fact that it came pre-loaded with various teas. Now, I am in no way a tea connoisseur… all I know is that there are some teas I enjoy and some I don’t; I’m much happier with black teas than I am with herbal teas. I very much like trying new things (particularly beverages) and tonight I’m sipping on a cup of chamomile.

I’ve never had chamomile tea before now. When the steeping was done, the first thing I noticed was, of course, the aroma. Not being a gentleman of very refined tastes, I reviewed the scent verbally to my awesome wife (AKA TMT). “This smells like ass,” said I. “An ass made of grass.”

I would like to reiterate at this point that I am not a connoisseur of tea.

Undeterred by the scent of what was sure to be a hot cup of sweaty lawn clippings, I proceeded to prepare tea the way I like it. Yes, I sweeten it. Yes, I use milk or creamer in it. No, I don’t care if you think I’m doing it “wrong”. I drinks it like I likes it. Prepared cup of tea in hand, I hunkered down and made myself ready for the worst… and wound up being pleasantly surprised.

Chamomile tea isn’t bad at all. It’s not my favorite tea by any stretch — I’d take a cup of Earl Grey over damn near anything — but it’s pretty good. It’s certainly a lot better than I anticipated. I’d gladly drink another cup… particularly now that this one is empty. That’s the beauty of trying something new… if you like it, you’ve discovered something new to enjoy in life. If you don’t particularly like it you never have to have it again, but at least you know what it tastes like. It’s a win/win!

What are some of your favorite teas? I’d love to hear about them!