I Officially Love Pinterest.

English: Red Pinterest logo

Sorry ladies, the secret is out!


I arrived a stranger in a strange land. Was I the only male, adrift in a sea of estrogen? Possibly. I knew, though… I knew there had to be more to this than pictures of shoes and manicures, and I was determined to find it.

About 15 minutes later, I was hooked.

Pinterest, if you’ve never heard of it, is a lot like Tumblr but without the stupid teenage hipster bullshit. (Sorry to be blunt, but… I mean, it is what it is.) I had never heard of it myself until I saw my wife using it, and I didn’t think much of it at first. It’s a site that functions as a virtual pin board… any picture you see online can be “pinned”, and in doing so you create a link back to the site you found the image at. At the very core of it all, Pinterest is really nothing more than visual social bookmarking, but that makes it sound like it’s a lot less fun than it really is.

If you’re a visual person like me, there’s a lot to like about Pinterest. Even just looking through other people’s pins can be a rewarding experience. Art, architecture, photography… if it can be presented in a visual format, you’ll find it there, often times neatly categorized and begging to be looked through. That’s right, folks… it’s not all hair braids and outfits. Ideas and inspiration flow freely, and while it’s true there’s a bit of an emphasis on cooking and crafts, the site certainly isn’t limited to just those things. Yes, the site is primarily used by women, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why it’s not more universally accepted. There’s something there for everyone, and if you’re not finding material to suit you, all you have to do is pin your own images and see if anyone responds in kind. People can also repin your pins, which is the equivalent of Tumblr’s “reblog”. Want to see more pictures of torn down Dodge Charger engines? Pin ’em!

I keep comparing Pinterest to Tumblr, but it’s important to note that they’re not interchangeable. Unlike Tumblr, Pinterest is for visual media only, which means that pure text posts aren’t possible, and as such it can’t be used as a true blog. One thing that I find somewhat refreshing however is the fact that Pinterest doesn’t allow nudity. There are times when I’m at work or just sitting around killing time with Small Boy in my lap, and at those times I don’t feel that Tumblr is a place I can go. You never know what might show up there. Pinterest is pretty family friendly, and that’s cool to me.

At first, I didn’t “get” Pinterest. I didn’t see the point, and I wanted nothing to do with it. That’s changed, however, and I absolutely love it now. If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, please feel free. I don’t have much up as I just got started, but I’m sure once I get going it’ll be hard for me to stop! I’m thinking about abandoning my Tumblr in favor of this more mature and refined option. Do you or anyone you know use Pinterest? Do you like it, or do you just not see the point? Leave me a comment and let me know!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Round 1)

World of Warcraft


I’m lucky enough to get two weeks of vacation a year, and this week was one of them. Right now I’m trying to put that in perspective, and think about not only how awesome it is that I get two weeks of vacation each year but also that I have a job. Kind of a big deal in grown-up land. I know the question you’re asking now. “Interesting man, what did you do with this mountain of free time that the fates saw fit to perch you atop?”

Well, since you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll tell you.

The first thing I need to get off my chest is somewhat of a confession. Until recently, I was a pretty avid World of Warcraft player. I’d played for years, put a lot of time into it, so on and so forth. When the Small Boy came into being, his mother and I both realized that we wouldn’t have time to devote to the game anymore, in addition to the fact that it stopped being even remotely enjoyable to play. This is the first vacation time that I’ve taken in which the week wasn’t essentially one long day of playing that stupid game. If I had posted this a year ago, it would have been pretty short. “What did I do? Played Warcraft. The end.” Fortunately that’s not how this week went down.

One of the things I got accomplished was installing a subwoofer in my Jeep. I’m big into music, and I like the fact that subwoofers recreate sounds that you feel more than you hear. In the past I’ve had two 12″ subs in a very large speaker box with a very large amp. These days, I find that I don’t want my music to be as easy to enjoy if you’re not inside the vehicle. I installed an Infinity BassLink II instead, and I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. It’s small and performs exactly how I want. The bass doesn’t seem louder than the rest of the music; everything just sounds more balanced and full. It’s exactly what I was going for.

We hung some pictures in the house as well, which is a large step for us. You have to understand, my wife and I are both perfectionists in the worst possible sense. If we can’t visualize exactly how something will look, we don’t attempt it. We don’t buy decorative things very often, because we can’t look at an item and know exactly where it’ll go. It’s kind of a pain. As a result, most of the walls in our house are somewhat… well, beige. It’s a nice color and all, but one would think that hanging items in front of it would make it an even nicer color. So I finally got out way more tools than I actually needed to hang a picture (I am a man. Observe my tool collection.) and got some stuff up on the walls. It’s nowhere near done, but it’s a great step. It’s made me loosen up a bit about hanging things up, and I’m kind of looking forward to filling the walls up with things that represent us, both as a family and as individuals. Still need to find a shelf for my Spawn figures…

Of course some yard work was done, which is to be expected from vacation time. Between you and me, I’d pave the lawn and paint it green if she’d let me. 😉 There was also a fun family trip to Whole Foods, which is something we don’t get to do very often due it the closest one being about an hour away, but is always an enjoyable experience. We finished up Rock Band 3 and I played Skate 3 a bit. I meant to spend some time with L.A. Noire, but I just can’t get motivated to play it much more. It’s a nice-looking yet intensely dull game, L.A. Noire.

That was essentially how I spent my summer vacation.

Round two is coming up in a few weeks. I’m quite thankful that I’m in a place to take the time off to spend with my family. I know a lot of guys would kill to get that, and I’m going to do everything in my power to walk into work tomorrow with that fact in the back of my mind and to really appreciate the job I have.

Hallway to Hell (With Apologies to AC/DC)

  by rtik13
Hallway, a photo by rtik13 on Flickr.

Yet another cool example of what you can do with Instagram. I really like this one.