Chocolate Chip Awesome.

Missing chocolate chip cookie.

Last night was heading towards being a very “meh” night. You know what I’m talking about… the kind of night that’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but not all that great, either. Just kind of a night. TMT and I were talking to Small Boy, explaining to him that his rather bulbous mid-section was in fact his milk pouch, and that was where he stored the milk that he’s had. TMT asked him, innocently enough, where his cookies were, since he had a milk pouch and all.

Immediately thereafter, I wondered aloud where my cookies were. “Where are my cookies?” I exclaimed, as only a man finding himself sans-cookies can.

“Where are my cookies?”

“Do you want me to make some cookies?”, she inquired.

That was all it took. That simple question was enough to turn the tide of the evening. I excitedly expressed interest in the previously mentioned cookies (because let’s face it guys, there really aren’t very many times that we don’t want our women to make us cookies, am I right?) and within moments we were in the kitchen, Small Boy in tow. The cookie making commenced, and they were delicious indeed. That simple act (though it seems like some sort of delightful dessert witchcraft in the light of day) was enough to turn a “meh” night into a really, really fun one.

Small Boy is going to realize some day that he is very lucky indeed to have the mother he does. Ladies… you don’t know the power that you wield! You can change the course of a day with but a cookie. After all, we men are simple folk with simple tastes… feed us well and we’ll take care of you for the rest of our days. ūüôā


Twix Cheesecakes (via Gingerbread Bagels)

My palate tends to go one of two ways; sweets and meats. These definitely seem like they’d hit the spot on the sweet side! They look absolutely fantastic!

Twix Cheesecakes In my humble opinion, desserts¬†and candy belong together.¬†Butterfingers make cupcakes a little more intriguing,¬†blondies filled with peanut butter cups are¬†even more irresistible, gummy worms taste better when they’re coming out of a cupcake¬†and Twix in cheesecake….well that just makes me drool. How can I not drool when one of my favorite desserts, mini cheesecakes, are combined with my #3 favorite candy in the entire universe? Yes my friends,¬† ‚Ķ Read More

via Gingerbread Bagels