The Social Network(s)

I’ve created an account with almost every social media outlet I can think of, with the obvious exception of Facebook, in what seems to be a never-ending quest for friends. I’ve played around with a few of them, trying to find the ones that suited me the most.

I’ve had quite a love/hate relationship with Tumblr, as many of my earlier posts will show. I still love how easy it is to use, but a few things about it bother me… first, there’s no genuine interaction. Someone can like and reblog a post without any interaction at all with you, the poster. Someone reblogs it from them, someone reblogs it from them, and your content is now a few generations away from you without so much as a word being spoken. Lots of tumblogs are also notorious for stripping away any credentials attached to content and posting it as their own. I don’t much like that.

I’ve also dipped my toe into the water that is Google+ (thanks to an invite from Mr. David Spira) and haven’t really been impressed so far. Google+ is… well, I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s pretty much nothing. It’s a thing that I don’t know what to do with. It’s polished and very Google-looking, and there are all these circles, and… yeah, it’s pretty stupid. I mean, if that’s what’s supposed to take the place of Facebook when it inevitably dies a slow, painful death, then I’m pretty happy with the fact that I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

I briefly considered going with Blogger or Blogspot or whatever in the hell they call it (it seems to change based on where you read it) but ultimately decided to go with WordPress. Back in the day — can I say that without it being ironic? — Blogger/spot was the place to start a blog if you didn’t want to self-host. It’s still a remarkable open platform that gives you far more freedom than WordPress does, but the backend is painful to me. I prefer the WordPress way of setting things up. No code is really allowed, but none is really required, either. Still, many bloggers have been successful with it, so it must be doing something right.

Posterous also makes the list, but barely. I don’t know of a single blog that actually uses Posterous as a platform. Their main claim to fame is the fact that you can publish to Posterous and it will turn around and post everywhere else… Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, WordPress, Twitter, etc… pretty much any social media outlet you can think of. The problem with that is that while you’re getting your stuff out to a wider audience, it becomes harder to interact with and know that audience. You’d have to check multiple blogs multiple times a day to keep up with it, and to me that defeats the purpose of having Posterous auto-post to all of those various sites. I’d rather blog in one place and have that be home.

I decided earlier today that I would be abandoning all of these various endeavors and focusing solely on WordPress and Twitter. I think that with those two platforms I can do pretty much anything I have in mind to do as far as blogging and networking.

What services to you use to put yourself out there? What do you like or dislike about the ones you use? Tell me why I’m completely right about everything I’ve said or why I have no clue what I’m talking about!

Dr. WordPress and Mr. Tumblr

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde po...

Not -quite- this severe.

I’ve decided to split my blogging efforts between here and Tumblr. I’ll be using my WordPress blog for important (to me, anyway) thing, like family stuff and life experiences. Things that I’d want to go into detail over, and that I would want to be mostly text. WordPress will be for documentation, as it were. Looking over my front page now, I’m seeing a lot of posts that don’t really fit with what I have in mind for this blog, so I’m going to start using my Tumblr for that sort of thing. Things that don’t really need a lot of exposition will go there. Things that I think are funny. Things that may very well be inappropriate for the eyes of small humans! Also, any photography I do will go there, but I may still mirror some of that content here if I feel like the picture isn’t quite getting out its allotted thousand words. So basically, WordPress is for the adult version of me, and Tumblr is for the kid in me.

Suddenly, I find myself seeming a lot like Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Anyway, if you’ve liked anything that I’ve written, stick around because the writing will go here. If you’ve liked any of my photographs or other stuff I’ve posted, head for my Tumblr. Hopefully I’ll see you in both places!




Image representing Tumblr as depicted in Crunc...

There's No Place Like...?

I’m starting to miss Tumblr. I know that I had some fairly harsh words for it before, but the more time I spend with WordPress the more I find myself missing the simplicity of it, along with the… well, just plain fun that I had with it. I’ve very torn about what to do. I definitely think that the two services cater to very different audiences, and I’m not sure which of those audiences I’m a member of. I’m older than what I perceive the majority of Tumblr users being, yet I’m drawn to it because of the level of creativity there. Also, I like funny pictures and memes. We mustn’t forget the funny pictures and memes. WordPress on the other hand seems geared more towards professional, serious users and content. Part of me is very much in tune with that. After all, I’m pretty sure that the average Tumblr user doesn’t care about the trials and triumphs of being a relatively new dad. What I find myself wondering, though, is whether or not the average WordPress user does, either. I find myself, much like in real life, not quite knowing where I fit.

I had in mind to only be in one place, but I’m starting to think that might not be the best idea. I’m starting to think that I should divide my interests between the two platforms… WordPress for the more serious stuff, and Tumblr for the silly, obscene and fun stuff. If anyone has any thoughts on using the two services simultaneously, I’d love to hear them. If you’re using both or have tried using both, let me know how well it’s working or why it didn’t!

I’m scared of blogging!

Carnival of Souls

It's a lot like this.

I’m sitting in front of one of the most intimidating things I ever see on my monitor.

A blank page.

It’s my job, as the owner of this blank page, to make it not blank anymore. Fine. The only problem with that is that it paralyzes me with fear. What if no one reads it? Worse yet, what if people do read it… only to tell me how stupid it was? What I have difficulty with is keeping those words on the page. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts over the years, only to choose “cancel” over “submit” when I was done. I simply don’t think that anything I do is good enough or interesting enough to warrant someone seeing or hearing it. The number of times I’ve recorded stuff and deleted it has to be in the thousands now. So I create stuff, and then destroy it before I’ve given anyone the chance to tell me it sucks. Ultimately, I want very desperately to make something. I consider myself to be a creative person; I’m just trying to find the right medium to get that out. Music is one way that I’ve experimented with, and still do… but I can never seem to get out exactly what I hear in my head. I spent years drawing, only to have the same thing happen. It just never looked like it did in my mind’s eye, so I eventually quit trying and moved on. Aside from film-making (which I’m realizing I actually do have an interest in) the only things I have left are cooking and writing. Seeing as how I’m much less likely to burn anything down or accidentally slice my face off by writing, here I am.

Tomorrow I’ll start writing like myself.