Mario Goes a Little Crazy

How can you make a classic even better? Like this.

You’re an adult. Just cope. (via the wuc)

I don’t usually like to delight in someone else’s pain, but this is just too funny.

I’m as sick as a dog, man. I look like Snuffal-fucking-uffagus. Or Jeff Goldblum in The Fly – my body slowly disintegrating as I transform from human to insect. (Pause for trauma and flashback to: the fingernail scene. Ewww.) I suppose this makes you Geena Davis, the witness to my festy – someone who moderately cares but will ultimately leave me, if my appendages don’t stop falling off. Before you go, let me take a moment to depict just how disgu … Read More

via the wuc

‪Badminton Jedi‬‏

This would actually make it really fun to watch badminton.

Classic Hardcore Gaming vs. Modern Hardcore Gaming


The Shaving Cycle


So damn true. /sigh.