6 days down

As is customary, I made a silent and half-hearted resolution this year… to blog more and, more importantly, to blog regularly. It’s harder than it sounds.

The main roadblock that I have in keeping up any sort of regular blog is that I doubt myself. No one has less faith in me than I do. I’ll occasionally think to myself a random passing thing that strikes me as being something that I could very easily write about, and I’ll even sit down to do it… then I’ll immediately psych myself out, deciding that I actually don’t have anything to say after all, and that I should probably just play World of Warcraft or something instead.

I’m going to make an attempt to limit the amount that I do that. I’m never going to get better at this unless I actually do it. Self-discipline isn’t exactly what you’d call one of my stronger points! Excuses are just excuses, though, and I’m done with them. I hope. The truth is, I stopped typing for a second a thought about deleting this entire thing. So instead, I’m going to click Publish and let it go. I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be present.