Some Atheists.

Whoa, hot-button topic. Atheism. Religion. The mysteries of the universe. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous, so I’m going to get right to the point here.

There are some atheists out there that piss me right off.

They don’t piss me off because they don’t believe in God and I do, they piss me off because they won’t shut the fuck up about it. I’m not a person that goes around talking about religion or even spirituality, but in the interest of full disclosure, I consider myself to be a Christian. Other Christians piss me off as much as loud-mouthed Atheists do, but that’s an entirely different topic and for now I’d like to stick to the one at hand.

Now. Atheists. I don’t think this applies to all of you, so hear me out. Those of you that — like me — are content to let everyone believe whatever they want because it has zero effect on your life? This isn’t directed at you. This is for those of you that think “Christian” is synonymous with stupid, backwards, or whatever your insult of choice is.

It isn’t.

I believe in God, and I believe in evolution. I don’t think that everything in the Bible should be taken literally, because it’s a book that was written by people and has been rewritten by politicians through the ages to suit their own agendas. I believe in Heaven, and I don’t believe that the entirety of existence was created in 144 hours.

I believe in a higher power; I also believe in science.

So those of you that think those two things are mutually exclusive are wrong. The people who don’t seem to understand that are the ones that are quick to try to prove how much more intelligent they are because they don’t believe in God. How exactly does not believing in something automatically make you not stupid? It doesn’t. There are plenty of people out there that are stupid, stupid atheists. (Yes, I know, there are plenty of stupid Christians as well. Neither here nor there.) I will never meet an atheist and think that it is now my mission to slam Jesus Christ down their throats. Why do some atheists feel like it’s their duty to belittle and degrade people who don’t share their beliefs?

You don’t believe in God? Honestly, I don’t give a shit.

Something that a lot of people miss is that spiritual or not, the definition of a good person doesn’t really vary that much. Are you kind to others? Honest? Trustworthy? Then you’re cool in my book. Why is it that when you find out that someone is a person of faith, you suddenly turn into a smug, look-at-me-I’m-smarter-than-you asshole? I don’t care what you do or don’t believe; that’s your business, and I respect that.

Why can’t that go both ways?

3 thoughts on “Some Atheists.

  1. I mostly agree with you my friend, but if you flip your argument around and think of it from the perspective of an atheist who doesn’t talk about it (unless the conversation is welcomed), and doesn’t give a shit what other people believe so long as they don’t force it on me.

    International, national, local politics in the US are largely dominated by religion. We have two wars going on because of it. We have civil liberties being trashed because of it. There are more than a few political “hot buttons” that are only issues because a sizable percentage of our country feel it’s their right to push their religion onto everyone else.

    Clearly you aren’t one of those people, and I thank you for it. That being said, I feel the same frustrations. Unwanted conversation about religion is annoying. Religious beliefs turned into law is another is a whole different level.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Organized religion is one of the worst things ever created, and has done far more evil than it has good. I dislike Bible-thumpers as much as I dislike atheists that look down on me intellectually. The key is tolerance and respect. We’re all here on this rock together no matter how you believe we got here; we should learn to love and respect one another!

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