Quick Razer Arctosa Review

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I got a new keyboard today, and I’m really kind of just testing it out. If you’re interested, it’s a Razer Arctosa that I scored for cheap from woot.com recently. It’s not the flashiest of keyboards — and I should know, I’ve got a Logitech G19 — but it’s pretty nice to type on. A bit louder than I would like, though. For some reason the lock lights (you know, caps, scroll, and num) are obnoxiously bright. I mean they’re very much like 3 tiny flashlights. I can already tell that I’ll need to dot them with electrical tape to dim them. The keyboard is also incredibly light. It’s almost light enough to feel flimsy, but it’s just heavy enough to avoid it. The palm rest is also screwed on instead of being snapped on, which is a bit different from most keyboards.

There’s not a lot of travel distance to the keys, and they’re all pretty slim but are also very responsive. I can see this keyboard being a little polarizing if you’re picky about what you type on. You’ll either like the way it feels or you’ll be unable to use it. Personally, I like it.

This keyboard is $49.99 at Amazon.com, but at Woot I was able to get it for $25. It’s definitely worth what I paid for it, but it’s definitely not worth its full retail price. As my first Razer product, I’ve been happy with the purchase so far.

3 thoughts on “Quick Razer Arctosa Review

  1. You could dim the lights with a bit of fingernail polish. That will look and work better than tape. You could also likely change the colors if you want.

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