Jungle Mighty The, Jungle The In

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Natural Scrolling is a new feature in the latest version of OS X (called Lion), and for some reason it’s drawing massing amounts of hate. If you’re unfamiliar with it, let me explain it briefly. At the heart of it all is the idea that all our lives, we’ve been scrolling backwards. When you roll your mouse wheel down, the content on the page goes up. The same is true for scrolling with a track pad… drag your fingers down and the content moves up as well.

Natural Scrolling turns this upside down, quite literally. Dragging your fingers down will result in whatever you’re looking at traveling toward the bottom of the screen, as though you were actually touching it. This sounds like a completely wild and stupid thing to do, until you consider the iPhone and iPad. When navigating with these devices, you’re already unconsciously using natural scrolling. All Apple did was apply that principle to OS X instead of having it solely on iOS.

Personally, I use a Magic Trackpad and have found that after the initial fight with muscle memory, I absolutely love the change.

There are a lot of people who are violently opposed to it, however, and have taken to any form of media available to bash Apple as being stupid or what have you. I don’t understand this reaction, because there are hundreds of features in every operating system that users tweak to their own preference. This is no different. If you don’t like it, simply don’t use it. It’s extremely easy to disable. Most of the people who have gone on rants about how stupid it is could have disabled it 20 times over by the time they finished typing said rant out.

Am I in the minority here? Are there any other Mac users out there that like scrolling the “natural” way?

2 thoughts on “Jungle Mighty The, Jungle The In

  1. I tried natural scrolling for the day, got used to it, and still hated it.

    It’s just an obnoxious thing to default to “on” when you consider the devices that are running Lion. I see natural scrolling as a clear signal that Apple will find ways to mix touchscreens with Lion devices, but none of the current OSX machines have touchscreens.

    I also find the name really irritating, as it is an unnatural way of scrolling.

  2. Pretty much every software manufacturer defaults things they’re trying to push. I hated the new Start menu in Windows XP for a while after it was released. 😉 I do think you’re right about Lion running on devices with touchscreens… they’re really starting to blur the line between OS X and iOS, and I think that at some point soon we’re going to see some kind of hybrid iPad-MacBook Air type of device. As far as the name goes, it seems to me like a psychological way to push using it. Who wants to be unnatural, after all? 😛

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