Dr. WordPress and Mr. Tumblr

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde po...

Not -quite- this severe.

I’ve decided to split my blogging efforts between here and Tumblr. I’ll be using my WordPress blog for important (to me, anyway) thing, like family stuff and life experiences. Things that I’d want to go into detail over, and that I would want to be mostly text. WordPress will be for documentation, as it were. Looking over my front page now, I’m seeing a lot of posts that don’t really fit with what I have in mind for this blog, so I’m going to start using my Tumblr for that sort of thing. Things that don’t really need a lot of exposition will go there. Things that I think are funny. Things that may very well be inappropriate for the eyes of small humans! Also, any photography I do will go there, but I may still mirror some of that content here if I feel like the picture isn’t quite getting out its allotted thousand words. So basically, WordPress is for the adult version of me, and Tumblr is for the kid in me.

Suddenly, I find myself seeming a lot like Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Anyway, if you’ve liked anything that I’ve written, stick around because the writing will go here. If you’ve liked any of my photographs or other stuff I’ve posted, head for my Tumblr. Hopefully I’ll see you in both places!



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