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There's No Place Like...?

I’m starting to miss Tumblr. I know that I had some fairly harsh words for it before, but the more time I spend with WordPress the more I find myself missing the simplicity of it, along with the… well, just plain fun that I had with it. I’ve very torn about what to do. I definitely think that the two services cater to very different audiences, and I’m not sure which of those audiences I’m a member of. I’m older than what I perceive the majority of Tumblr users being, yet I’m drawn to it because of the level of creativity there. Also, I like funny pictures and memes. We mustn’t forget the funny pictures and memes. WordPress on the other hand seems geared more towards professional, serious users and content. Part of me is very much in tune with that. After all, I’m pretty sure that the average Tumblr user doesn’t care about the trials and triumphs of being a relatively new dad. What I find myself wondering, though, is whether or not the average WordPress user does, either. I find myself, much like in real life, not quite knowing where I fit.

I had in mind to only be in one place, but I’m starting to think that might not be the best idea. I’m starting to think that I should divide my interests between the two platforms… WordPress for the more serious stuff, and Tumblr for the silly, obscene and fun stuff. If anyone has any thoughts on using the two services simultaneously, I’d love to hear them. If you’re using both or have tried using both, let me know how well it’s working or why it didn’t!

4 thoughts on “Tumbling?

  1. It was great to see a fella at #commenthour last night. As far as two platforms… I don’t use multiple platforms to blog, but I do use multiple blogs, for the exact reason you’re talking about… blogs do better when they are specific to a topic/group… and while we may like to write about a bunch of different things, they don’t always fit in one space. The more clear your purpose and the more you can stick with one general concept of “what’s this about” per blog the easier it will be to get traction. So if you have more than one “what’s this about” in you I say go for it ~ especially if you really enjoy the tumblr experience.

  2. That’s something that I’ve been working on… I’m not really sure what I want my blog to be “about”, per se! I’m definitely sticking with text here and photos on Tumblr, though. I just have to find that niche to get into, I guess. Thanks so much for your comment and your advice!

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